Kids these days…

So called ‘millennials’ are those born between the late 1970s and the year 2000. They are the “kids these days” with exception of the “kids these days” born after 2000. A-Typical also belongs to the millennial generation and this post is in no way an attempt to defend “our generation” and the generations coming after (maybe it is a little). It’s easy to hate on … Continue reading Kids these days…


The perfect human

Nobody’s perfect. Not a single person in the world is perfect and that is a fact. Even people considered saints will tell you that they aren’t perfect and even though pretty people might give you the idea that they’re perfect, they’re not. But what if science could create a person that is perfect? Genetically speaking, at least. It is said that soon, science will allow … Continue reading The perfect human

Blank canvases and brick piles

Modern art and contemporary art has taken the hearts of many culture-seekers and many artists across the world. Some of the pioneers were Picasso (although I probably would be proven otherwise by modern art connoisseurs) and later with guys like Warhol came pop-art, although this is probably arguable as well. To say you love art is like saying you love food. Everybody probably loves it, … Continue reading Blank canvases and brick piles

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The difficulty of loving

If you’re actually one of the people who has been following every step of A-Typical’s adventure then you might be wondering: where’s my A-Typicalness? No worries, we’re still here. It’s been a while since we brought you some new material but we’re back baby. A lot of things happened in the world since we last spoke. Good things and bad things. Terrorist attacks, a coup … Continue reading The difficulty of loving

Top 3 innovations we want to see

Never underestimate the power of the future. Things to be said up front. It’s probably hard to imagine, but the smart phone has yet to celebrate its 10th anniversary and the largest part of the world can’t even imagine a life before their smartphones. Recently I saw interviews from the year 2000 and in the interviews people were asked if they thought they needed and … Continue reading Top 3 innovations we want to see

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Deducation (not a typo)

I have a lot of respect for people passionate about something. Unless they’re like passionate about hurting puppies or being racist or something but that’s not really my point. When somebody’s really into fitness, trying to live healthy that’s awesome. You don’t want to eat meat because you believe the meat industry is highly unethical? Respect that. But I do believe that if you support … Continue reading Deducation (not a typo)

Having your opinion decided for you

Propaganda means pushing a certain message, wether or not it’s true, to either help or hurt a certain person, nation, organization, idea etc. Is this always bad? Well that kind of depends on your own ideas of what’s ethical or not. There are times when propaganda is very obvious and there are times when it’s somewhat hidden (even these examples can be very obvious). Marketing is … Continue reading Having your opinion decided for you