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Start yesterday

It’s almost a month ago since we last updated you with a new batch of A-Typicalness, but don’t let that get your spirit down. We’re still here, for those of you that are still reading. 2016 is finally over. Today also marks a special day of 2017 since it’s “Blue Monday”, which is the most depressing day for those living on the northern hemisphere. It’s … Continue reading Start yesterday

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You’re no exception to the rule

Singapore is a great little country in Southeast Asia that is definitely worth a visit. Unless you plan on bringing drugs. I’m not writing this as a warning, I don’t think you should be using drugs period. Unless it’s for medical reasons of course. Possession of drugs can get you the death penalty in some countries, Singapore being one of them. You can also get … Continue reading You’re no exception to the rule

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The Divided States of America

Watching the US election from afar is like watching a burning house that isn’t your own. You feel bad for the victims of the fire, you worry the fire will spread to the neighbours and the pyromaniacs that lit it will surely not shy away from burning down more than their own land. The US election, as for many elections, as for many “adult” business … Continue reading The Divided States of America

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The earth is not flat

We are definitely open-minded and we like to dabble into the mysterious but there comes a point were you just gotta tell yourself: “It’s time to stop.”. As fun as it is to speculate about speculations, there comes a point when these speculations become downright ridiculous. The majority of the conspiracy theorists among us believe they have all the answers. That they have attained some … Continue reading The earth is not flat

Here’s what we think about politics:

My interest in politics is probably just as much as any average adult: When the time comes around to vote, I look at my options and I make a well balanced choice. What happens afterwards is absolutely mind boggling, because I don’t give one little sh*t whatsoever about how politicians handle their promises or how my country is being governed. I live in the Netherlands and … Continue reading Here’s what we think about politics:

Hey Ginger, we’re coming for you!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last several days, you’ve probably noticed Mr. Elon Musk took it upon himself to make sure we get to colonize the little redhead in our galaxy. I have to say: I thought being alive to witness the birth and massive growth of the internet was one of the finest things one could witness, but it seems … Continue reading Hey Ginger, we’re coming for you!

Kids these days…

So called ‘millennials’ are those born between the late 1970s and the year 2000. They are the “kids these days” with exception of the “kids these days” born after 2000. A-Typical also belongs to the millennial generation and this post is in no way an attempt to defend “our generation” and the generations coming after (maybe it is a little). It’s easy to hate on … Continue reading Kids these days…

I really, really don’t know?!

Imagine if you will, an entire classroom filled with the most motivated bunch of students you’ll ever see. Now, the lecturer has been at it for quite some time and comes at a point in his story where he wants to interact with his audience. He starts scouting the room and his head starts moving in your direction. As you’re slowly watching it happen, you feel … Continue reading I really, really don’t know?!