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Start yesterday

It’s almost a month ago since we last updated you with a new batch of A-Typicalness, but don’t let that get your spirit down. We’re still here, for those of you that are still reading. 2016 is finally over. Today also marks a special day of 2017 since it’s “Blue Monday”, which is the most depressing day for those living on the northern hemisphere. It’s … Continue reading Start yesterday

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We want a future

At A-Typical we’re fascinated about all the possibilities that will become available to us in the future. We love science, even though we are definitely not experts or scientists for that matter, it does interest us greatly. And if you have been reading our previous blogs, you probably know this. One thing we haven’t talked about that much however is a subject that can be … Continue reading We want a future

Some uplifting news you might have missed

The US presidential election was one week ago today and it was all the world could talk about. The Trump storm has not yet settled and it probably won’t settle anytime soon. Media is still heavily covering the election of Donald Trump because like always, the world seems to revolve around the US. Amidst the riots, the politicians speaking out and all the other nastiness … Continue reading Some uplifting news you might have missed


Dear Humans, thanks for everything. Yours truly, A.I.

I don’t know about whoever is reading this, but I spend a lot of time (maybe a bit too much) thinking about what the world will be like 500, 100, 50, heck even 10 years from now. What I notice is that a lot of my thoughts about the world and everything that’s in it, mostly revolve around technology or have something to do with … Continue reading Dear Humans, thanks for everything. Yours truly, A.I.

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Panda tax

There comes a point in one’s life where naming a “favorite animal” is considered childish but secretly everybody still has one. I personally don’t agree with the negative idea behind the word “childish”. We’re all children and I think it’s important to not take life too seriously and to stay in touch with your inner child. For the sake of not sounding “childish” though, I’m … Continue reading Panda tax