Some uplifting news you might have missed

The US presidential election was one week ago today and it was all the world could talk about. The Trump storm has not yet settled and it probably won’t settle anytime soon. Media is still heavily covering the election of Donald Trump because like always, the world seems to revolve around the US. Amidst the riots, the politicians speaking out and all the other nastiness … Continue reading Some uplifting news you might have missed

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The Divided States of America

Watching the US election from afar is like watching a burning house that isn’t your own. You feel bad for the victims of the fire, you worry the fire will spread to the neighbours and the pyromaniacs that lit it will surely not shy away from burning down more than their own land. The US election, as for many elections, as for many “adult” business … Continue reading The Divided States of America

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The earth is not flat

We are definitely open-minded and we like to dabble into the mysterious but there comes a point were you just gotta tell yourself: “It’s time to stop.”. As fun as it is to speculate about speculations, there comes a point when these speculations become downright ridiculous. The majority of the conspiracy theorists among us believe they have all the answers. That they have attained some … Continue reading The earth is not flat

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Fashion, it’s a booming industry filled with extravagant figures trying to showcase their latest clothing, shoes or accessories and of course trying to sell it. The latest fashion trends are at times hard to keep track of, what to wear and most importantly, what definitely not to wear.¬†At least, according to fashion experts or something. Sometimes when I’m browsing the web or scrolling through my … Continue reading Fashunned


Embracing Big Brother

Some would argue that modern-day technology has made is so that privacy has become somewhat of a luxury. This has been a heavily discussed subject for the past couple of years and it’s only getting a bigger issue that’s subject of more controversy every day. With the ever-growing landscape of the digital world and with our presence on it, we’re presenting ourselves to the world … Continue reading Embracing Big Brother