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We want a future

At A-Typical we’re fascinated about all the possibilities that will become available to us in the future. We love science, even though we are definitely not experts or scientists for that matter, it does interest us greatly. And if you have been reading our previous blogs, you probably know this. One thing we haven’t talked about that much however is a subject that can be … Continue reading We want a future

Hey Ginger, we’re coming for you!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last several days, you’ve probably noticed Mr. Elon Musk took it upon himself to make sure we get to colonize the little redhead in our galaxy. I have to say: I thought being alive to witness the birth and massive growth of the internet was one of the finest things one could witness, but it seems … Continue reading Hey Ginger, we’re coming for you!


The perfect human

Nobody’s perfect. Not a single person in the world is perfect and that is a fact. Even people considered saints will tell you that they aren’t perfect and even though pretty people might give you the idea that they’re perfect, they’re not. But what if science could create a person that is perfect? Genetically speaking, at least. It is said that soon, science will allow … Continue reading The perfect human

Top 3 innovations we want to see

Never underestimate the power of the future. Things to be said up front. It’s probably hard to imagine, but the smart phone has yet to celebrate its 10th anniversary and the largest part of the world can’t even imagine a life before their smartphones. Recently I saw interviews from the year 2000 and in the interviews people were asked if they thought they needed and … Continue reading Top 3 innovations we want to see


Dear Humans, thanks for everything. Yours truly, A.I.

I don’t know about whoever is reading this, but I spend a lot of time (maybe a bit too much) thinking about what the world will be like 500, 100, 50, heck even 10 years from now. What I notice is that a lot of my thoughts about the world and everything that’s in it, mostly revolve around technology or have something to do with … Continue reading Dear Humans, thanks for everything. Yours truly, A.I.

A big whoop for the “Screenzombie” generation

Talking: “the vocalization of air.” Air which comes out of the lungs gets vibrated by the vocal cords and produces sound. Sounds put together in different variations and combinations can form words. Words can move you and break you, they can cheer you up, but can also make you feel extremely small. All of this depends on how we interpret coherent sounds that form words, … Continue reading A big whoop for the “Screenzombie” generation