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Start yesterday

It’s almost a month ago since we last updated you with a new batch of A-Typicalness, but don’t let that get your spirit down. We’re still here, for those of you that are still reading.

2016 is finally over. Today also marks a special day of 2017 since it’s “Blue Monday”, which is the most depressing day for those living on the northern hemisphere. It’s not based on any science and is completely made up. I don’t have to tell you that Mondays are pretty much all equally depressing.

Another reason this year’s “Blue Monday” isn’t very convincing, is because in this very same week Donald Trump is going to be inaugurated as the president of the United States. Sorry to press your spirits guys, but in 4 days it’s actually happening. Simpsons did it, now we’re doing it. It’s becoming very real. Prepare yourselves for “Blue Friday”.

Toby Keith, Lee Greenwood and 3 Doors Down will be the main act at the inauguration. Those are the biggest stars that wanted to perform, that’s saying something. I know Toby Keith’s name and after looking up Lee Greenwood I now know he’s the one-hit wonder that did “Proud to be an American”, the song that the majority of the country won’t be thinking of during this moment. The other guys, no idea who they are. Safe to say the headlines appeal to a “certain demographic”.
Everybody from KISS to Kanye aren’t coming despite invitations. Security has never been so tight during an inauguration. Welcome to the United States of Trump.

But we already kind of covered Trump so let’s not pay too much attention to him because that seems to be something he loves.

Of course 2017 won’t be better than 2016, not because of things that are bound to happen, but because time is just a concept of human perception. We made time a thing, not nature.

Time is there to give us structure, it’s there to run schedules, so it shouldn’t be used to start clean slates. When people make a new years resolution, it’s usually over by the time they’ve taken down the Christmas tree. Because things like having to go back to work, bad weather, no more Christmas and Trump inaugurations will get you to start eating, smoking or drinking again. Let’s face it.

There’s an ancient Chinese proverb that might sound a little corny and like something a Starbucks-pumpkin-spice-latte-girl would post on Instagram, but I think it’s actually pretty cool:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

It’s cool, because it’s true. In my personal experience, the best way to start doing something you actually want to do, is to just do it. You could start out a little small and take baby steps, until you’re ready to take giant steps. Because you will.

If we start setting goals for ourselves that are bound by time, we’re just going to keep postponing it. Wanna start losing weight in the new year? “But January 1st is on a Sunday, we gotta celebrate the new year and the last day of our weekend by eating all the leftovers. Oh, but tomorrow is Monday, which is the worst day EVER, I better console myself with this bag of chips and OH LOOK OREOS! I’ll start tomorrow.”.
You’ve probably also got a very good reason on Tuesday as well. And Wednesday and pretty much every day until your ready for your new resolutions.

Doesn’t just apply to eating either.

So stop setting goals for yourself tomorrow or a week from now, and set them today. Wanna lose weight? It’s okay to feel a little hungry tonight. Wanna teach yourself to play an instrument? Start playing that thing. Wanna learn a new language? Start learning!

Even if you do just a little bit today, it will be easier tomorrow.

Stay motivated,



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