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We want a future

At A-Typical we’re fascinated about all the possibilities that will become available to us in the future. We love science, even though we are definitely not experts or scientists for that matter, it does interest us greatly. And if you have been reading our previous blogs, you probably know this.

One thing we haven’t talked about that much however is a subject that can be extremely detrimental to our existence and therefore our future: the way we treat our planet.

The environment has been a heavily discussed subject for many years, but recently it has been getting a little more attention. This attention can very much be attributed to ignorant buffoons that think climate change is a hoax. If you believe it is, sorry for calling you an ignorant buffoon but you are wrong. If you’re an actual buffoon, sorry for comparing you to people who believe climate change is a hoax.

I read this article today where military experts warned that our planet can suffer an epic humanitarian crisis that can create new wars and make existing wars worse, it can create huge waves of immigration, protests and just general human suffering possibly caused by other humans but also very much by negative climate change. Now, it really only makes sense that something terrible like this is bound to happen, but of course there are also many other terrible atrocities that will transpire if we don’t change our ways.

Greed is destroying our planet one dollar at a time; depleting natural recourses, driving animals species to extinction by destroying their natural habitat, polluting the air and water and making this planet a place not fit for life of any kind, including human life.
But it’s rare for big companies and other rich snobs to be orientated on the future and to focus on ethical ways of doing business. If there’s money to be made now, they usually don’t care about the future or about the wellbeing of people and other animals on this planet. It´s not just the big corporations of the world, it´s also governments and other influencers that care more about their personal issues than about our collective issues.

If we continue like this, there won’t be a planet we can live on. We might not experience this in our lifetime, although it’s definitely possible. All the money in the world won’t save you, nor will it save your offspring and Mars won’t be ready for us for a long time.

I’m not perfect when it comes to being environmentally friendly, but I do try my best. We all know how to fix the problem, even the people who can make the biggest changes know how to fix the problem on a bigger scale. A lot of humanity is still giving mother nature the finger, when what we really should be doing is respect her.

Humanity is the worst thing to ever happen to this planet. And that is a fact.

I don’t want to end on a negative note. I might not have said something new and this might be more of a way to show our support for the cause but it’s such a huge problem that deserves all the attention it can get. Luckily the nations of the world are putting in more and more effort to try to solve the problem. It might be a bit too late already and it might not be enough yet, but we gotta save this sinking ship.

We gotta stand together as humanity and put our differences aside because no matter who you are or where you are from, this planet belongs to all of us.

Environmentally yours,



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