Some uplifting news you might have missed

The US presidential election was one week ago today and it was all the world could talk about. The Trump storm has not yet settled and it probably won’t settle anytime soon. Media is still heavily covering the election of Donald Trump because like always, the world seems to revolve around the US.

Amidst the riots, the politicians speaking out and all the other nastiness in the world (not Trump-related per say) there was actually some positive news you might have missed because of the US election. I know it’s not good to show just one side of a story, this time being the positive side, but for the sake of spreading good vibes we are going to talk about the nice things that happened. We all talk about the bad enough already.

We collected some of our favorite articles from the past week, gave you a quick summary and added a dash of our thoughts to the mix:

“Taiwan set to legalize same-sex marriages, a first in Asia”

This is huge! Taiwan will very likely become the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriages. There are three bills currently being revised that support the cause and the first female head of state is also in support of the rule.

Taiwanese are mainly buddhist or follow traditional Chinese religions, and the followers of those religions are super tolerant. I’ve experienced countries where these religions are big and even though it’s a vacation, you can still see how tolerant these guys are. They care little to nothing when somebody wants to be themselves and when they do, it’s mostly influence from the elite or the west. Or both.

Of course there is a lot more negativity and conservatism at stake but remember; this blog post is positive. Let’s get political some other time.

Good for Taiwan and good for Asia. Let’s hope the rest of the continent and the world learns from this.

Source: The Big Story –

“Toys R Us introduces ‘quiet hour’ to welcome autistic children”

Toys R Us in the UK made sure that children with autism could enjoy time in their stores. For one hour the store shut off music, announcements and they dimmed the lights. Now you might say: ‘That’s just a smart marketing trick, down with capitalism, seize the means of production!’. Yes, sure but calm down. It might be smart marketing for a part, but I remember loving the toy store as a kid. Even if I didn’t buy anything.

I think this was a cool move. I recently heard of a fun fair somewhere in my country doing the same thing where they turned off the loud music and busy lights to create a calm atmosphere for autistic children. Sure, they might be accommodating a larger target audience but they’re also offering these kids fun that they can enjoy without feeling stressed.

Source: iNews –

“Iceland’s president turns down a monthly pay increase of 5,300 USD”

This is awesome. The thought alone that a politician and a president for that matter would turn down a pay increase of any amount, is already super cool. But it gets better. He turned down the salary, but unfortunately the president’s salary can’t be lowered so… His solution is to donate the money to a good cause.

He said he didn’t want to tell people what the cause was because he didn’t want to make it seem like he was trying to create a good guy image of himself. So a politician refusing a 5,300 dollar pay raise and instead donating the money to a good cause AND not bragging about it, sounds like something from a fairy tale, huh? Well, not anymore.

But then again, politicians caring more about good causes and less about themselves doesn’t sound like a very crazy and bad idea to me. Politicians unfortunately tend to think otherwise.

Source: Iceland Magazine –

“President Kuczynski: Peru to plant 2 million hectares of trees to restore Amazon forest”

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the world’s last pristine forests. It is and extremely important part of our world and it’s extremely important that we protect and preserve it. Our world is dying. We’re depleting the earth’s resources for the sake of money. We’re destroying our planet one dollar at a time.

The president of Peru has decided to plant 2 million hectares of trees to restore this gigantic forest. It makes me happy to see that there are still people of power that care about this world and the creatures that live on it.

Source: Apec Peru –

“Lego ends advertising with Daily Mail after calls for companies to ‘Stop Funding Hate'”

A little back story: The Daily Mail is an extremely right-wing British newspaper that’s completely unbiased and that spreads hate. Now with all the conservatist world leaders ruining the party and with all the hate recently, the Daily Mail has been especially hateful. That’s all you really need to know for now.

Now, I love Lego. I’ve always loved it and it is such a huge part of my childhood. I love them even more when I hear things like this. They decided to pull the plug on any relationships that they might have had with this news paper because they don’t want any of that negativity .

Everything is awesome!

Source: Independent –

Now, I hope these headlines made you feel a little better and I hope they kind of shifted the focus away from Trump for a few minutes. Remember that no matter how bad things get, let’s all remain positive. No matter how much the world leaders suck, we gotta stand together as people. We gotta take care of each other, despite our political opinions.

Love will drive out hate.

One last headline that is somewhat Trump related but that’s actually cool:

“Mexico will not pay for Trump wall, but seeks cooperation”

Mexico wants to work together with the US to make the world a better place, but they will definitely not pay for the stupid wall. SO TAKE THAT TRUMP! Despite your best efforts to piss people off they still care more about the well-being of the world and its people than about your stupidity.

Source: Reuters –

Stay positive,



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