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The Divided States of America

Watching the US election from afar is like watching a burning house that isn’t your own. You feel bad for the victims of the fire, you worry the fire will spread to the neighbours and the pyromaniacs that lit it will surely not shy away from burning down more than their own land.

The US election, as for many elections, as for many “adult” business and discussions, is one of the most childish things that the world will ever witness. Politics in and of itself is, and has always been, very childish. I don’t like the word “childish” because a lot of the time I think it’s great when people channel their inner child. Except when it’s not.

This childishness wouldn’t matter as much if the consequences weren’t so serious. For example: war is extremely childish but it costs the lives of so many, many innocent people. Something so juvenile can still have such serious results.

We can all laugh at the election, laugh at Trump’s haircut and laugh at Hillary’s e-mails but in the end, it’s actually quite sad. What might be even sadder is that the whole world is so intrigued by the US election. It goes to show how much influence the US has in the world.

Just look at this blog. You don’t see us writing about the elections in Bolivia. That’s because the whole world watches in awe how these two monkeys are screaming for attention, trying to win the souls of the people. It’s an embarrassing mess, as elections usually are one huge cringey crap storm. And you can say what you want about Obama and his policies but you can’t deny he’s a cool cat.

The general consent is that both Hillary and Trump are evil. They’re two of the worse candidates a US election has ever seen. Many believe that both outcomes will surely result in an apocalypse. People will lose their minds if you say you support Hillary and they will lose their minds when you say you support Trump. So should the people of the US not vote at all?

No, I don’t like either candidate but if I look at the situation realistically, Hillary is the lesser of two evils. Now, before you call me the devil and tell me I’m a dirty Hillary supporter you should know: I don’t live in the US and therefore I shall not be voting for either candidates. But I do think she would be the better president of the two.

I was personally a big fan of Bernie Sanders, but he didn’t make it far enough. When he endorsed Hillary, so many people saw it as treason. When Obama supported Hillary, people hated him. When anybody supports Hillary that person is surely hated. Which doesn’t make sense.

Trump is definitely not the right choice. Without a doubt. He is a terrible human being and many will agree with this. He is ignorant and represents pretty much everything that is wrong in today’s world.

I personally believe Hillary is not as bad as Trump which is why I conclude she would be the best choice. This is not a pro-Hillary blog and I am not endorsing her. If you had to choose between wet cardboard or wet bread for dinner, I would still choose the bread because at least it’s edible.  The situation is far from ideal but it is what it is.

There are people who will vote for other candidates that don’t get any attention. There’s the Green Party with Jill Stein for example and there’s even people who still believe in Bernie Sanders.

But people need to just accept that it’s either Trump or Hillary. Wether they like it or not. Jill Stein will not become president, Bernie Sanders will not become president, Ken Bone will not become president. I’m just being realistic here.

I won’t tell you who to vote for, it’s simply not my business. Do what you think is best. I personally hate Trump and don’t like Hillary. In my opinion the election is just one giant media circus that is getting too much attention. I don’t think the US elections or any other elections for that matter are a good example of the way democracy works, not by far. But that’s a story for another day.

Electionally yours,



2 thoughts on “The Divided States of America

  1. Speaking as somebody in the UK, I think it’s so easy to detatch myself from the very real consequences of the US election for the people that live there. I watch the debates and especially the late-night shows coverage and I find it all hilarious.
    I think I’m probably more pro-Hilary than you but to be honest that’s borne more of a loathing of Donald Trump than actually agreeing with her politics.

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    1. I agree. I don’t like to call myself pro-Hillary mainly because it’s all too far away for me to care. I feel like calling myself pro-anybody will make it sounds like I’m invested in the election in any way and like I will be voting for a candidate.
      Sure, I follow the election to a certain extent but I don’t even live in the US. Of course, the outcome will likely have a result on the whole world but I can do literally zero to help that from here.

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