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The earth is not flat

We are definitely open-minded and we like to dabble into the mysterious but there comes a point were you just gotta tell yourself: “It’s time to stop.”. As fun as it is to speculate about speculations, there comes a point when these speculations become downright ridiculous.

The majority of the conspiracy theorists among us believe they have all the answers. That they have attained some sort of awareness that other’s are blind to see. Sure, there are definitely political, historical and societal issues that too many people are ignorant about. Too many issues that are deemed good or bad when they’re quite the opposite. There are conspiracy theories that, to a certain extent, have some credibility.

That being said, even though there is no definitive proof for some things, I believe that a lot of the time reality is a lot less exciting as conspiracy theories make it out to be. In some cases, conspiracy theories are downright ridiculous and can even be offensive.

Most conspiracy theories preach peace, equality and not blindly believing what you’re told. Ironically, a lot of conspiracy theorists do the exact opposite. They usually have a one track mind as well, in the sense that they do and think whatever society “doesn’t want them to think” (society doesn’t give a shit). When an idea like chem trails becomes popular among those who rock the tinfoil hat, it spreads like wildfire in the community. Anybody that disproves the theory is wrong and indoctrinated and only the “enlightened” they are right. They blindly believe the conspiracy theory, not looking at the alternatives.

On top of that, they hate modern-day, commercial media outlets but they spend an unhealthy amount of time on social media.

I’m not bashing conspiracy theories or theorists, I’m trying to address and issue that sometimes arises surrounding this concept. I believe that you should always think for yourself but you should also be reasonable and respectful.

Just to give an idea of what I’m talking about…

I saw a post on Facebook the other day trying to prove the holocaust never happened. That it was all a big lie by the Zionists. I’m not even going to get into it too much because of its sheer ridiculousness. It’s “theories” like this that are extremely disrespectful, almost justifying anti-Semitism and therefore supporting racist claims. There is definitive proof of the holocaust and there is definitive proof of the atrocities that happened.

The smokey-looking, white trails left behind by planes are called vapor trails or contrails. It only takes a little bit of research to find out that the theory behind chem trails is false. They aren’t mind-control agents, it’s crystilized water. I am not an indoctrinated sheep for saying this, this is science. Human beings have been to the moon. Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley are dead. THE EARTH IS NOT FLAT.

Sometimes it feels that conspiracy theories deliberately theorize the exact opposite of everything we hear or are being thought and that they cover the most controversial subjects to attract attention.

Again, I believe we should always think for ourselves but there are some facts that we simply cannot deny. What we should do is take those facts into account when forming opinions and from there on out we can have healthy, reasonable and respectful discussions. Not nearly everything you’re being told should be believed, no matter by whom you’re being told, but not everything is a lie made up by lizard people.

Next time you read a conspiracy theory, think for yourself and don’t blindly follow its reasoning. Just like you do with all the other media you consume.

Sometimes it’s time to take off that tin foil hat.

Conspiringly yours,



3 thoughts on “The earth is not flat

  1. Okay, so let’s do a little reverse engineering, shall we?

    Because conspiracy theorists are keen – in the case of contrails at least – in describing “flying tankers”. Rather scary language to say the least, but when you realize that a commercial airliner uses a lot of fuel, it’s not an unreasonable description.

    Naturally, in a world that sees all things as positive, it’s hard to get any real facts about fuel usage in aircraft – sure, you have Wikipedia like statistics, but trying to get to the daily usages, that is a different matter altogether. The first statistic is mere data and is easily overlooked: the second implies someone wants to know how much fuel is actually burned…

    Now another scare tactic was to say that 250 tons of lead was sprayed over the US each day by aircraft. Which, by the way, is true.

    But hides a few realities: fuel additives are often at a little less than 1% of the fuel itself. Lead is part of this, but in very small amounts. Which led me to wonder at the amounts of fuel burned that would lead to that very large amount of lead being pumped into the atmosphere.

    But you have to look very hard for the real facts, and with no small amount of misleading or diversionary information, is it any wonder that there are conspiracy theories? The real question is why people want to hide the truth of the matter.

    You see, it takes nearly two hours to fuel an A-380. Fuelled at a rate of 70 litres a second. It’s a very different game to standing beside your car with a fuel nozzle in your hand! At the above rate, your car’s tank would be filled by the time you’d touched the handle, leave alone have time to react and stop the flow. By which time four tankfuls of fuel would be splashing around the forecourt.

    Schiphol airport will use around 10,000 tons of fuel every day – and the reason you don’t see fuel tankers queuing outside on the A9 highway is because it has its own pipeline from the refineries at IJmuiden. With around a million tons of fuel consumed by aircraft every day, the figure of 250 tons doesn’t sound so large, does it?

    But that’s just fear mongering. The real facts are terrifying.

    Perhaps that’s why they’re so well guarded?


    1. Thanks for your reply. I personally don’t believe in the theory of chem trails. But what you say about conspiracy theories is true. They’re not facts, they’re theories. We can always speculate on things and if people bring interesting arguments to the table that’s always nice. I do believe that when there are too many inconsistencies or inaccuracies, the theory loses its credibility. Some theories are simply not true. Saying they’re not true isn’t even an opinion, it’s a fact. And yes, there are definitely shady things we do not know.


      1. I was looking at the conspiracy ‘theory’ from the point of real evidence.

        Any theory is open to speculation; you can reckon on the pipeline to Schiphol supplying it with a quarter of a million litres every day.

        Day in, day out.

        No theories needed there: that’s a LOT of pollution.


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