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Is there life on Mars?

A-Typical is no stranger to discussing science, the future and technology. We like to talk about things that may be, may one day be or may never be which in some cases could and would be seen as ‘science fiction’. It would almost be a sin to not discuss one of the greatest questions that has been weighing on the mind of mankind for centuries:

Are we alone in the universe?

Famous science fiction write Arthur C. Clarke, most notably know for writing 2001: A Space Odyssey once said:

“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”

And both are equally terrifying indeed.

Imagine scenario 1 where we are alone in the universe. It means that, even though most of us won’t travel to outer space (although who knows now that private space travel is becoming a thing) or will even live long enough to see interstellar space travel (although who knows now that they’re saying immortality will become a thing) basically meaning we would probably not live long enough to find out, the thought of being all alone in the universe is quite disturbing.
We would be a single tiny speck of life in an otherwise gigantic, virtually lifeless universe. The scale of the universe compared to us, small beings is quite a frightening thought to A-Typical. Sure, we don’t really have anything to fear but the thought of us doing our thing everyday, living our lives when all around us is this incomprehensible mass that has no life in it. Our planet might die out one day and nobody wants to die alone. We have each other, sure, but thinking on a collective scale. Thinking of it from the point of view of the human race.

Now, scenario 2 where we are not alone in the universe is a lot more interesting and also a lot more scary. Or is it? Sure, we don’t have to assume that these aliens have bad intentions with us. Life is not always like a Hollywood movie (it never really is), we might not even need Will Smith to save us. The scariest part, I think, about potentially not being alone is that we might already be familiar to another life form. They just decided to not approach us.
If I was an extraterrestrial life form seeing planet Earth, witnessing humanity I would honestly just leave those guys to their will. I’m not saying the human race is inherently shitty but I’m also saying that our rep sheet is not the prettiest. What if there is a life form out there that is more intelligent than us (which is probably not that difficult) that has created a way of life where everybody is equal, everybody is free and everybody is happy? A way of life where they take care of their planet and everything and everyone living on it. What if they are able to co-exist peacefully without harming each other for whatever reason? What if they are like that because they’re intelligent enough to realise that’s the best way to go about living with other intelligent life forms?

If that were the case than we would still be alone in the way we do things and we would be alone because nobody would want to be friends with us. Looking at the reasons the human race has started wars, invaded other people’s countries it wouldn’t be such a strange consent that the human race is a risk to other planets’ peaceful societies. What if there is an extremely valuable resource on that planet? All you need is a Bush to send up space marines to that place. If there is an intelligent life form out there that already knows about us and the way we handle things, it would probably want to leave us alone (assuming it’s peaceful itself).

Different side of the story. There could also be a life form out there with more war on its mind that the human race. Taking into account the small size of our planet, it wouldn’t be unlikely that if there’s life out there, it would be a bigger population than ours. They could easily tear us a new one if they wanted to. Maybe it’s only a case of them finding us. When I think, however, of the possibility of extra terrestial life I don’t think of them as evil for some reason. I don’t think of them as those guys from Mars Attacks or those guys from Independence Day or those guys from Alien. I’d like to think of them more like E.T. Why do you think E.T. went back home? Sure, his family wanted him back but also because his family realised they had to get him off of this planet ASAP.

They always show extra terrestials in movies as monsters and being the bad guys, doing experiments on humans and stuff but in reality it would most likely be the other way around. Sure, they might probe us but the experiments the human race would perform on them would be a lot worse. The human race can’t have nice things because they usually immediately destroy it. Who knows though, maybe it takes an extra terrestial and peaceful life form to finally convince us to lay down our weapons and bury some hatchets.

I know I keep talking about a peaceful life form out there and it´s not because I want there to be one. I do of course want there to be one but that isn’t my reasoning. It´s because it sounds logical to me. It´s because I´m assuming, although it´s probably more hoping than assuming, that other life forms are more intelligent than us. The whole concept of war, fighting, hurting each other for no reason is of course very dumb to begin with. There has never been a fight that had a good reason if you think about it. It all starts with somebody doing something stupid and it escalates from there on out. Sure, fighting back isn´t always stupid. However, so many wars over the years have escalated into a huge mess where both parties are being childish and stupid.

I just think that if there is a more intelligent race out there, they would be intelligent enough to see that.

If anything, I think I would prefer it if there is life out there. It would mean that there could be a life form out there that we could be friends with, it would be extremely interesting to meet them and find out about their culture.

Thinking that we’re alone, seems selfish though and thinking we would be more intelligent than the other species would be even more selfish if you ask me. Who knows what is out there beyond the confines of what our technology is able to explore.
So yes, of course there is also a potential scenario where we would make contact with another intelligent life form and live with them in peace. Share technology, knowledge, history of our worlds, friendships, food (if our stomaches can handle it) and culture in general. Imagine vacationing on a foreign planet, having tourists on our planet from wherever. That, of course, would be the ideal scenario. A scenario in which we could learn from each other and be friends with each other. Just live together in the same universe as buddies.

I hope to one day see a day like that.

Extra terrestially yours





2 thoughts on “Is there life on Mars?

    1. Isn’t that really the question we should be asking? That’s why I think it’s not a very crazy speculation that if there is life out there, they’re more intelligent that we are.


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