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The difficulty of loving

If you’re actually one of the people who has been following every step of A-Typical’s adventure then you might be wondering: where’s my A-Typicalness? No worries, we’re still here. It’s been a while since we brought you some new material but we’re back baby. A lot of things happened in the world since we last spoke. Good things and bad things.

Terrorist attacks, a coup in Turkey, Trump might actually become president but on other notes eating endangered animals is now illegal in China, India planted a bunch of trees from a plane and Google has a quantum computer that simulated a molecule.

See, it’s not all bad. I mean, we all know that if you turn on your TV, load up a news site or read a news paper (for the traditionalists) the front page will likely not have a lot of positivity. It’s always been like this though. Sure, it’s important to address certain issues first, although it is also a fact that channels like CNN get hard nipples anytime something really bad happens. The following days you will see nothing BUT Geico commercials and severed limbs. CNN is able to report on 1 story for the entire week with basically nothing happening more than half of the time. There might be a mass murder in a remote village in Africa but unless there’s a US citizen amongst the dead they might mention it in between Ihop ads and it’ll stay with that. We talked about this before and how it’s basically propaganda, so I’ll leave it at that.

People find it hard to believe sometimes but statistically speaking the world is now safer more than ever. Despite this fact there’s something, however, that we still can’t seem to learn and that is learning to love. I’m not talking loving your spouse or even loving you family or friends for that matter. I’m talking about loving your neighbour, I’m talking about respect.

It’s true that there’s a much bigger tension in the world with the things that have been going on. Every time I hear about another terrorist attack on the TV I cringe and wonder when it’ll ever end and then sadly realize that bad stuff will never end. It’s a disgusting shitstorm, an international threat that is shaking the entire world. The US bombings are killing civilians in Syria daily as well and this is usually shrugged off as a “mistake”. Both “sides” of the world are in shock and even though they both cry, the fact that there are sides means that the world is also becoming more divided, sadly. The world surely seems like a mess at times and it is at times like this that we need to stand together, not divide ourselves even more.

And unfortunately this is happening. Refugees are being demonized as terrorists, Islam is being vilified, Trump is a racist asshole that actually might become president of the United States, world leaders are terrorizing, everybody is bombing everybody and it seems like hate is taking over the hearts of the ignorant every time something new happens. Living in Europe I have witnessed the refugee crisis first hand, I live in a multicultural society and there are still people that can’t seem to accept the fact that their neighbour might look s a bit different than themselves.

To everybody criticising Islam, refugees, colored people, the LGBT community, women, men, people with less to spend, people with a different cultural background than themselves or people in general that have done nothing to offend you I sincerely would like to say: you suck, big time. I was going to use different words but this is a public blog and so I would like to stay civil. Let’s be the bigger man here guys. No matter what’s happening in the world, you will never ever have an excuse to be a racist, bigoted asshole (I get this one bad word). You will never have any right to judge other people if they aren’t hurting anybody with what they’re doing.

Guess what? Religion is not dangerous, it’s not a threat to the modern world. Not all catholic people are child molesters, not all jews are Zionists, not all muslims are terrorist. Religion tells nobody to kill, it tells nobody to commit any crimes for that matter. It tells us to love each other. I’m not here to preach, I’m here to hopefully educate the ignorant a bit. The core message of every religion is love. It’s important that we respect each other’s beliefs, whether it’s religion, a certain lifestyle or if you don’t believe in anything at all. I always think that if there is a higher power, he loves good atheists more than bad religious people. People are so quick to blame religion for world problems. Believe you me, there would not be any less problems without religion. The relgious people committing crimes are actually not religious people, they aren’t zealots spreading faith. They’re criminals hiding behind the dogma of a religion. Using religion to commit crimes and ultimately give it a bad name. They spread fear and hate, that’s really their ultimate goal. So should we really give in to their wishes? Whatever happened to not letting the bad guys win?

Oh, guess what else? Just because somebody is from a different country  or if somebody has a different cultural background than yours, doesn’t make him or her any less of a person. They are just like you. Sure, they might have a different view of the world but we can learn from that. That’s one of the many reasons we should just respect each other.

Another thing that might surprise the ignorant: being gay, lesbian, bi or trans is not a choice. It’s not a disease and they are just like you and me. It’s ironic to see people hating people who love, people that just want to be themselves. They’re judging love. I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that gay marriage is still illegal in so many parts of the world. Getting more people to proclaim their love for each other doesn’t seem like such a bad idea in such a hateful world. And so what if somebody wants to become the opposite gender? Let’s all just let people do what they feel comfortable with (unless they’re murdering puppies or something like that). If a guy wants to wear makeup, let him be fabulous. If a woman wants to wear a beard, let her wear that majestic facial hair for God’s sake.

We all live on this world together. We all come from a different walk of life but in the end we’re all the same. We might think a bit different, look a bit different, eat a bit different, live a bit different but we all cry, smile, get angry and we all love. The world might seem like a mess at times, life might punch us in the stomach and kick us while we’re down but it’s at times like this that we need the love of others more than ever. I’m not saying, love everybody like you love your brother. I’m saying let’s all just respect each other. Let’s not judge people for believing in something, for being different, for having a different skin color or for loving somebody else than who you love. Yes, it’s been said so many times before but A-Typical would like to show its support for the cause!

We’re not social justice warriors at all, we just wanted to express our thoughts and hopefully spread some more positive vibes out there. The world needs it. We have to be careful that at times when hate is being spread, we don’t lose our steam. We can’t let hate take over our hearts. It’s easy to judge someone, blame someone but so many times this blame is unwarranted. There are luckily enough people still fighting the good fight, still respecting others. It’s sad that the hateful people get more attention though, by the media but also by other people. The hateful people stand out, that’s true because they’re stupid people shouting their ignorant opinions.

It’s up to us to drown out their noise. We have to stand together and change, change the world into a loving respecting place. If it were that easy it would’ve been done a long time ago. But even if we can make the world a bit better than before it’s already a good development, it’s something we should think about more often. Not think in terms of money, winning or in terms of personal success. Let’s think about each other a little more. Think about how we can make somebody else’s day a little less shitty.

It’s up to us to drive out hate with love.





2 thoughts on “The difficulty of loving

    1. Thank you for showing your support for A-Typical!

      Always great to hear somebody giving their thoughts on what we’re doing. Happy to hear you can agree with our thinking as well. 🙂


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