Top 3 innovations we want to see

Never underestimate the power of the future.

Things to be said up front.

It’s probably hard to imagine, but the smart phone has yet to celebrate its 10th anniversary and the largest part of the world can’t even imagine a life before their smartphones. Recently I saw interviews from the year 2000 and in the interviews people were asked if they thought they needed and wanted a mobile (not even a smart) phone. Most people answered with: “No, why would I want to be connected at all times?” or “I have a land line on which I can be reached, so I don’t need a mobile device”. If I were to hit the streets today and ask the same question, the answers would probably more be among the lines of: “Why wouldn’t I?”.

So what’s changed? First of all, this was about a mobile phone which could be used solely for texting and calling and it wasn’t the pocket computer we know today. But I think the deeper meaning is a lot more simple. People are getting quicker and quicker at adapting innovation.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Rodgers curve of adaptation, but it’s basically this: when something new (whatever it is) hits the market, there are, the people who have already ordered it and hence, are the first to embrace it. They are called the (surprise, surprise) Innovators. Next in line are the early adopters, they see the innovators embracing the innovation and quickly follow. This is where the curve starts going upward.

The people who have probably seen or heard of the innovation, but haven’t yet fallen for it, now begin their process of adaptation and this “early majority”, as it’s called and it helps the curve reach its highest point. From here on the curve starts to go down again, because the late majority now starts giving in to the innovation.

The last ones to succumb to the change are officially called the laggards, but we all know exactly who they are. The conservatives, the people who dislike change, the people who are to this world, what Michael Bay is to the movie industry. (If by any chance Michael Bay is reading this, Mr. Bay, please try something new and make a movie that’s about the story and not just the explosions, chases and extreme CGI, thank you)

It’s safe to say that since the interview in 2000 the curve of mobile devices has come and gone. Even the smart phone curve is slowly reaching its end and there are just a few lonely laggards staying behind.

In my opinion we’re going faster than ever through this curve, I think this mostly has to do with the fact that a shift is taking place. Currently the early majority is gaining more followers, even as we speak. I’m not a researcher, so I don’t have any scientific data to back up what I’m saying, but even my mother isn’t as repellant to new innovations as she used to be, so that’s gotta account for something.

What the next development is going to be is as big a surprise to me as it is to everyone else, but all we need is a major breakthrough. Afterwards we can evaluate how much we changed, because of the change, but one thing that’s almost going to guarantee failure is prediction.

If we are to learn one thing it’s that predicting is as bad an idea as trying to resist a certain development. Like the resisting few eventually succumbing to the change, predictors (sounds like a dinosaur species) face being either way too optimistic or too cautious about their predictions. For example: when the internet was first introduced to the general public there was one man who said: “It’s gonna take decades to connect everyone to the internet”. The other sound was that as soon as the year 2000, the whole world would be connected through the internet. As we can see the truth actually lies somewhere in the middle. What happened is one side saw the potential and said some daring words, where the others were trying to be realistic, but failed nonetheless.

Seeing as we are just having fun and don’t have any kind of influence on the larger crowd, this is going to be “A-Typical predicting on the coming years and what we think is going to happen.” Without any further adieu this is our top 3

  1. Regeneration and DNA influencing

This is going to be really awesome, but there have already been situations in the past where people succeeded in re-growing certain body parts. In 2011 there was a man on whom they were able to regrow an entire finger. After coming in contact with the blade of a model airplane, the top of the finger went flying off (no pun intended). Watch the video below to see his story.

  1. Iron Mans all around.

With this one I’m not talking about all the plastic (still awesome) home-made suits we can see strolling around during conventions, but actual working suits. People flying off to where-ever the heck they please, because hey, it’s a free world. I haven’t yet thought about how this will en shape the world and this is all probably stuff happening in a galaxy far, far away. Where we overcame the traffic-jam causing pieces of scrap metal we like to refer to as our cars, but that doesn’t make fantasizing about it and hoping it will happen any less encourage-able. An exoskeleton suit fit for traversing the world in not only a really fun but also a really stylish way does not seem like the worst idea now, does it? As long as they don’t end up using it for military purposes too much. Recently the following video hit the internet. The guys, who made the video, claim it’s real and that they’re still testing and working out the kinks, but within a few years this will hit the markets.

I haven’t found out whether or not it is real and to be honest, I don’t care. If it’s fake than they’ve just inspired a young Tony Stark (really smart fictitious guy) to make sure it will one day no longer be fake.

  1. A brain that’s update-able

This is my personal favorite, because I just made it up.

The following has been compiled with the greatest possible care, but no rights may be derived from its content.

Our brain is just a big blobby mess of neurons giving out electrical signals. As a matter of fact, electricity flows throughout our entire body, but I’ll save that one for another time. Currently there are SD cards that contain 512 GB that actually work. (if you’ll search Ebay you will find sites claiming to have working 1024 or 1TB cards, but don’t put any trust in that what-so-ever). However, it won’t actually take long before these actually do exist and, even better, get even smaller. Imagine if you will a world in which scientists are able to make a functioning CPU in your upstairs room that can contain an UltraAwesomeMicroSD card.

This little CPU functions alongside your brain and wouldn’t interfere in any way. On this SD card you would be able to put any kind of knowledge you wish to possess. You wish to know everything that happened during the Spanish inquisition? Fine. Have you always wanted to learn a new language, but never found the time or motivation? No problem, because now you can put it on your SD card, plug it in place et voila! Normally learning something takes such a long time, because your brain has to manually make all new kinds of connections. Nonetheless, with the additional UltraAwesomeMicroSD you’d posess this knowledge almost instantly.

If you read this and think the probability of this happening is exactly 0.0 percent? Congratulations you are officially a laggard. Thank you for your critical outlook on everything. Were you amazed by our (mostly the last one) top 3 and thought: “we’ll see what happens.”. You’re somewhere amongst the early or late majority and perhaps even the early adopters. However, were you planning on googling the shit out of these bold innovations and wanting to know exactly how possible they are, so that you can be the first to either tell others or purchase these things as soon as they become available? Well done because you are what they call an innovator. A front fighter on making sure the world starts using new stuff. With your positivity and embrace to changes, you will inspire and change the minds of countless others.

We at A-Typical say thank you, and of course we love you no matter how you consume the future. I mean, I still haven’t succumbed to the pressure that is the Windows 10 update. THEY’LL NEVER GET ME.

Innovatively yours



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