Eat your heart out

It’s been a while since A-Typical posted something but it makes the comeback all the more sweet. If you have no idea who we are, thanks for stumbling upon us and of course we’d love for you to join the A-Typical family!

I love food. Food for me is a passion. I’ve sampled dishes from all over the place and when you get that right dish, it can be like a spiritual experience (as far as spiritual experiences go). Even though I love good food, I’m not overweight. But sometimes, I notice people around me still living healthier than me. They eat their highfalutin fancy avocado salads with rice hulls or some other pretentious piece of food that you can’t even taste.

If you think that’s delicious though, who am I to judge. But to me it seems that this relatively new trend of eating healthy alternatives is getting a bit out of hand sometimes. People refraining from eating gluten, carbs and the worst of all people claiming not to eat any chemicals. First of all, all food consists of “chemicals” and second of all YOUR BODY consists of chemicals.

Anyhow, the word says it: they’re healthy alternatives. Meaning they replace something, usually something you love. If eating extremely healthy makes you super happy, then you should keep doing that. I just feel a lot of people are doing it against their will. There are so many diets out there nowadays from juice-cleanses to the classic throwing up after each meal (please don’t do this one). I’m no dietician but the most effective way to lose weight is to just eat less and move more.

Healthy does not necessarily mean vegetables and fruit and seeds. I eat healthy, maybe not as healthy as some health freaks, but I pretty much only eat fresh produce and just generally good quality food. Sure, there’s the unhealthy meal or snack every now then but that’s okay.

I run, that’s my exercise. If I didn’t I’d probably look a lot different now. When I was a small kid there was a period when I was a bit more fluffy so to say. I changed my diet by eating less, and eating less junk food and I started running and I lost weight. That’s why I feel I have a bit of experience on the subject. In the end it was quite simple. Eat less, but still eat the food you love and move more.

A couple of years ago it seemed like fitness had become a new trend. I don’t know if the trend was new but that’s what it seemed like. Instagram nowadays is full of narcissistic pretty people showing of their gym adventures. I have respect for people who dedicate their lives to becoming more healthy. If you fitness, good for you (wo)man but I don’t need to see it on my feed. A picture of you standing in front of the mirror with dumbbells IS NOT SPECIAL. It’s just like those 1 million other gym pictures from other people. If you go to the gym, don’t go so you can post pictures on social media, go for you.

I run instead of going to the gym because I’m outside and I love that. I love the fresh air, the sights and the freedom. Oh, and it’s free. I kind of like the idea of fitness. Well, let me put it this way: I like the idea of what fitness gives you. I don’t like the idea of actually going there and doing all the exercises. But you have to suffer if you want to be pretty I guess. That’s why I have respect for those who can bring it up every day.

People have been trying to convince me to start going to the gym the same way Jehovah’s try to plug you their religion. “You’ll become a beast when you go”. Yeah, I don’t really need to be a beast. I’m fine the way I am. I prefer to have good stamina over having muscles. I’m not kidding when I say that to some people fitness is religion.

I believe exercise should be something you do for yourself, same as with religion and other principles or activities you partake in. Doesn’t mean that it can’t be a social experience though. And I feel like it has to be something you enjoy doing.

If going to the gym, eating salads or chicken with rice from Tupperware bowls you brought from home (honestly if you do this don’t eat it in a crowded public area, to you it might taste good but to others it smells like a dead possum), nibbling on leeks, doing a juice cleanse or drinking protein shakes makes you happy then you go girl. But if those things make you miserable I say: screw that. Being healthy is important but often times it seems that people only see two extremes.

They either go crazy eating a bunch of junk food, giving them bellies and clogging up their arteries or they go crazy and eat a bunch of rabbit food up to the point that even these diets make them unhealthy. But as with a lot of things, there’s a middle ground.

Want to lose weight? Eat fresh and good quality food, eat a little less, eat less junk food and move a bit more. Want to become Ryan Reynolds? Okay yes, then maybe you should go a little farther than that.

In the end, what I’m really trying to say is to just be happy and enjoy your life. Eat the food you love, exercise however you see fit and don’t post pictures on Instagram of you doing it. Seriously I can’t stress this enough.

Food is my passion, as with a lot of people. Life is short and that’s why I’m not going to spend it gnawing away on asparagus because it helps cure cancer or helps for a more balanced stool or something. I’m not going to sacrifice my happiness in order to become the epitome of health. You gotta enjoy life and one joy for a lot of people, me included, is good food. Find a middle ground, good food doesn’t mean unhealthy food. Stay healthy, not for the sake of others but for yourself. And also so we can enjoy your presence on this planet a little longer. Indulge yourself in the pleasure of eating a delicious ice cream or some fried chicken every once in a while. Love yourself. You’re fucking beautiful and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Stay healthy


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