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Deducation (not a typo)

I have a lot of respect for people passionate about something. Unless they’re like passionate about hurting puppies or being racist or something but that’s not really my point. When somebody’s really into fitness, trying to live healthy that’s awesome. You don’t want to eat meat because you believe the meat industry is highly unethical? Respect that. But I do believe that if you support a certain idea or if you preach something, you should stand by your believes.

Let me elaborate. We all come across or know people who talk about how their idea is basically the best idea. They want to push their beliefs onto you. Lifestyle choices, opinions, diets, interests you name it. While it’s usually very annoying, there are also positive examples. But these are usually disguised as conversations in which we learn to appreciate something from a new perspective.

I have my opinions, everyone does. And yes, I express them to other people but I would never bother anybody by trying to change their opinion into mine. There’s nothing wrong with giving people a new perspective. There’s nothing wrong with ‘preaching’ your ideas, just don’t push it.

In a recent article A-Typical talked about how it’s okay to not know sometimes and how it’s okay to admit that you don’t know. Sometimes that’s better. Everybody seems the need to have an opinion on everything and everybody wants to be an expert on everything, but you don’t have to be. Sometimes saying nothing makes you appear smarter than expressing your thoughts. If you religiously stand by a certain belief and you want to preach it, the last thing you want is to appear like an idiot because you don’t know enough about it. Or appearing like you’re not dedicated enough.

There was this guy in my class a while ago and he was always talking about how being a vegetarian is really the best lifestyle choice one can make out of respect for nature. When I conversed with him about it he ended up telling me he was “usually vegetarian”. He went on to explain that sometimes he does eat meat but that he usually doesn’t. He tried to defend this slip up but I decided the damage had already been done. From that point on everything he said could and would be used against him, he had the right to remain silent but sadly he didn’t.

There are days when I don’t eat meat but that doesn’t give me the right to call myself a vegetarian on Monday and a non-vegetarian on Tuesday because I had salmon that day.

I’ve also met several “vegetarians” who “don’t eat meat, but do eat fish”. Because all those trendy hipster girls need their sushi? If you eat fish, you’re eating meat. You’re not a vegetarian. FISH IS NOT A VEGETABLE. “Fruit of the sea” is not meant to be taken literally.

Don’t get me wrong, I love vegetarians. I just believe that if you’re going to call yourself one, you don’t eat meat. Not sometimes, not fish MEAT. Never. And these above-stated examples perfectly convey the point I’m trying to make. This article is not about vegetarians, it’s about standing by your beliefs if you’re going to preach them. Somebody claiming to boycott the unethical cacao industry wouldn’t want to be seen eating a Kit Kat just like a dentist wouldn’t want to be seen NOT flossing. Jeez, that’d just be embarrassing.

People easily follow a fad. They go through these phases where they feel the need to support a certain cause. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, they usually end up throwing those opinions away only to replace them with new ones. People change, yes, and so do their opinions. I just can’t take people seriously that have been basically judging you for not doing something a certain way, only to later do exactly that what they’ve been judging others for.

This fluctuation in opinions and beliefs for a lot of people is also really decided by what others tell them to think. Having their opinions decided for them *wink wink nudge nudge*. That’s dangerous. It’s okay to learn new ideas from others, just don’t accept them blindly because everyone else is doing it or because these people are pushing you to do it.

I believe that really rounds up my point nicely. It’s important to stay atypical and have your own opinions, even if it seems nobody else has them.

When people don’t support themselves, it makes the whole point they’re trying to make pointless. It makes whatever they’re saying a moot point.

It’s important to stand by your beliefs and to stay true to yourself. Sometimes not saying anything at all is the best way to go. Just find out what you think is important in life and if you want to tell me about it, just be a bro or brodette about it and don’t let me see you eating that unethical Nestlé Tollhouse dammit.

We’ll be there for you like we’ve been there before,



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