Para pretty normal activity

The paranormal is a very broad subject. To get into every nook and cranny of it would take quite some time. It ranges everywhere from ghosts to goblins to magic to clairvoyance.

I’m a skeptic. The subject does really fascinate me though. I get most of my knowledge from popular culture. Movies, series, video games and the like. But sometimes I like to find the supposed true stories.

Whenever I go to visit a new country I love to research the country and get into everything it has to offer. Not just the nice places to visit, but the culture as well. Food, customs, the language and the ghost stories.

The last two vacations I took went to South-East Asia. Now, everybody knows Asian ghosts are the scariest ghosts. The people are pretty superstitious in Asia, especially if you compare it to a European country like the Netherlands. Maybe that’s where my fascination comes from. From the fact that the people in my country are super sober-minded when it comes to stuff like ghosts. It’s a very skeptical country and even though I’m a skeptic myself, I still like to speculate.

So, I found enough ghost stories, legends and other myths from Google alone but the list got bigger when I visited the countries. Especially in Malaysia.

When I visited the island of Pulau Besar in Malaysia, I met the owners of the resort I was staying at. Super nice people. We talked about ghosts (the owners were really fascinated by them as well) and they told me enough for me to conclude they believed in ghosts. They experienced enough to believe. Now these people seemed really rational. There wasn’t anything weird about them which got me thinking.

Then at one point I noticed this guy standing in the middle of the resort, walking around while talking to himself. I asked the owners what he was doing and they said he was “talking to his friends”. They went on to explain that on the mainland he was the most normal guy but when he got to the island, he hung out with friends that weren’t there. I’m a skeptic but I did sleep away from the door that night and experienced a pretty advanced bowel movement as well.

I don’t know what that guy was doing but it was pretty strange. I went on to experience a few more little strange things in hotels and I rode the infamous Karak Highway but experienced nothing that couldn’t be explained with rational reasoning. That’s the thing, I believe pretty much everything can be explained with rationality. The only things that can’t, I haven’t experienced myself and therefore have a hard time believing them.

That being said, I still respect it if you do believe in that sort of stuff of course. I mean you’d think that because it’s such a big topic in many cultures all over the world at least SOME of it has to be true.

One last story. Coincidentally a friend of mine went to Malaysia when I got back. Now, another thing I like to look up are the most haunted hotels in the country I’m visiting. He was staying at two on the list. One day he sends me a message telling me he had a strange dream where a man put out a cigarette on my friends arm and told me he woke up with red spots on his arm. Bear with me here. The spots were on his arm where said man put out his cigarette. It felt like a burn wound. After Google, I found out his hotel is on the list of most haunted hotels. The friend is also not weird by the way.

That’s all I got. Do with my stories whatever you like. I can understand you don’t believe them but there’s really no point to not believing them because I don’t believe it was the work of the supernatural myself, to be honest. Even the stories that came closest to me I have a hard time not explaining with rationality. Guy talking to himself? Probably had a drink too many. Friend waking up with red spots in tropical setting? Probably a big ass tropical spider (not sure what’s scarier).

But there’s a goofy little guy in that big skeptic that kind of hopes it was the supernatural and who knows? And then there’s also a scared kid next to him that doesn’t want to think about that possibility.

Stay puft,


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