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Fashion, it’s a booming industry filled with extravagant figures trying to showcase their latest clothing, shoes or accessories and of course trying to sell it. The latest fashion trends are at times hard to keep track of, what to wear and most importantly, what definitely not to wear. At least, according to fashion experts or something.

Sometimes when I’m browsing the web or scrolling through my social media pages I see articles about how some clothes are outrageous to wear. I read through some of them because I was curious what they had to say and honestly it was really cringey to read those articles that are basically trying to tell people what to look like.

It’s not just on the web, it’s everywhere; on TV, in magazines and advertisements. And yeah, even though I understand that bell-bottoms are a bit late to the party I just find this “in or out” talk ridiculous.

I’m not attacking the fashionista culture or anything, there’s nothing wrong with giving fashion advice but I hate bullying. And sadly, that’s what’s happening. They’re criticizing certain fashion and basically laughing at fashion that’s “out”.

Wearing a belt that’s the wrong color? You have no style! Tie a little too long or a little too short? You have no eye for fashion! Improper pants length? You don’t belong in our society!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Why care so much? They’re just assholes behind keyboards.” Well, I personally don’t care but unfortunately there’s a lot of people, especially young people, who are very susceptible to these kind of messages. Lack of confidence is something that a lot of people struggle with and I just don’t find it necessary that there are whole industries out there basically adding to this lack of confidence.

It gets said a lot, but not enough. You should just embrace who you are, do whatever the fuck makes you happy and don’t hang yourself up on these cancerous statements being made by fashion writers and the like.

It’s not just fashion they’re judging, also appearances. And it’s known that the media and marketing like to tell people they look shit, and should look better. Why? So they can cash in on all those poor, confident-lacking souls of course. But sadly that’s the way the world works. People care much more about money and fame than they do about the happiness of others.

If you’re super into fashion and love writing about it or if you love making your own clothing AND you happen to come across our blog I’d like to give YOU some advice. Just be nice, don’t bully and have fun with what you’re doing (this goes for pretty much everything). I really appreciate it when people express their creativity and even though I’m not into the whole fashion-culture, it’s still a way for people to be creative and do what they love. Show the world what you’re made of and don’t be afraid to do it, just don’t hurt other people’s feelings while doing so.

Let’s just all appreciate each other a bit more, care more about other people’s feeling and be a little less selfish. Wear what you want to wear, rock whatever look makes you feel happy and enjoy your life. As long as you’re not hurting anybody with it, it shouldn’t matter what you look like. Just be yourself and love yourself because guess what, you are one beautiful bastard.

Fashionably yours,


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    1. Thanks! We try to keep our blogs as broad as possible, whilst still maintaining a certain continuity in them. The fact that you think they’re awesome is all the motivation we need to keep on blogging, so thanks again!

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