Now, everybody parties like it’s 1999

Prince is another big artist to succumb to an early death in a strain of celebrity deaths this year. Celebrities that will be missed by many.

Even though I am not personally a fan of Prince, I still appreciated the inspiration he formed for so many people and so many artist. And it’s always sad when somebody his age has to pass away. He inspired a lot of artist in many ways and left an interesting legacy. Apparently he was not the nicest guy and pretty tough to work with but that aside his unique personality left a big impact on the music world.

But now we’re seeing a trend. A trend that we’ve seen before. Everybody all of a sudden is a Prince fan. We saw this with Bowie earlier this year and probably even a bigger example of this trend was when Michael Jackson passed away. It seems like I’m one of the few people that’s not a fan all of a sudden and one of the few people that’s not a Prince-expert.

I was a big Michael Jackson fan, even before he passed and I really didn’t like it when he died. But then, everybody was listening to MJ. I remember this girl on TV telling an interviewer something along the lines of: “Before, I never really listened to him or knew his music. But now that he’s dead I sorta discovered him.” And that’s exactly what happens everytime a big artist dies.

And I gotta admit, after his death I started playing more Michael Jackson music for a period of time.

I understand that a celebrities’ death can stimulate people to play his or her music. It’s only normal and a good way to pay tribute to the artist. And I guess that this can cause other people to become a fan of the music, if they’ve listened to it.

But it’s OKAY if you never listened to this artist in the first place. It’s OKAY if you weren’t a fan. I feel a lot of people feel the need to prove that they’re musically cultured or something. And if you became a fan because this artist died, I guess it’s cool that now you appreciate the music. But you shouldn’t become a fan just so you can talk about it like everyone else is doing.

And becoming a fan of an artist because he or she died, seems a little bittersweet to me. Even when people gain an appreciation for a certain artist becuase he or she died, this appreciation seems to die out as well. They hop on the bandwagon and after a while hop off of it again because the death is no longer relevant.

It’s a nice way for an artist to be sent off though. Dying is the last, big career boost an artist can have. A last way to show themselves to the world. Even though Prince was very much respected, he already peaked in his career. As with many big artist of his generation. They’re probably not complaining seeing as they’re probably only doing it for fun at this point since they have all the money they need. But after they’re dead, they can’t use any of that money anymore. They leave a legacy and that should be why they’re doing what they’re doing in the first place.

It’s just a shame that the artists themselves aren’t around to see a whole new generation of fans form because of their deaths.

Stay purple,


3 thoughts on “Now, everybody parties like it’s 1999

  1. Thanks for noting my blog entry on Prince at You mention “the inspiration he formed for so many people and so many artists.” I’m not acquainted with his music. And I’m not sure what it was he inspired in people. Can you tell me a bit more about his inspiration?

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    1. There’s a lot of artist today like Justin Timberlake but also artists like Bruce Springsteen for example have been very much inspired by Prince’s music. His style is very unique, and uniqueness is always a great source of inspiration.

      His alternative, eccentric yet mysterious image is what I believe was the biggest inspiration for a lot of people. I personally think he was quite pretentious but that’s showbusiness for you. I could rant on and on about how mainstream music is so overappreciated but that’s for another time. 😉

      Like I said, not a Prince fan myself but I do recognize the impact he’s had on the music world.

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