A big whoop for the “Screenzombie” generation

Talking: “the vocalization of air.” Air which comes out of the lungs gets vibrated by the vocal cords and produces sound. Sounds put together in different variations and combinations can form words.

Words can move you and break you, they can cheer you up, but can also make you feel extremely small. All of this depends on how we interpret coherent sounds that form words, that form sentences. But… we can still be moved by such a simple thing as vocalization in a way that isn’t taught to us, because at the rate we’re going at this moment, I think our kids won’t automatically feel these words if they don’t come from their screens.

Now I don’t care much about believes and I believe that believes don’t make us believe more than believes are able to.

But nothing so little, so fragile and sad.
Cause true believing’s already dead.

We want to know, to hear and see
and not take things the way they appear to be.

Slowly we evolve in “know it all” nerds
But the side-effect is we lose our feeling for words

We lifelessly stare into our phone
and probably think that we’re not alone

What we don’t notice and thereby miss
Is that our smartphones are doing exactly this

So next time you’re looking at that thing in your hand
think about it, take a second and maybe you’ll understand

You can put it away to look up and see
The world around you is already in HD

Laugh, scream, cry, curse and fool around
in order not to forget how to create “real life” sound

And know Jesus has flown, God’s no longer on his Throne
All that’s left for us to believe in is our “Smartphone”

Vocally yours,

A-Typical Logo (Tekst)


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