Music that touches the Soul (A-Typical at Leon Bridges)

There are certain moments in your life which can inspire, move, cheer you up or moments that for a split second change the perspective you look at things. The moments that can cause these kinds of feelings can be things such as movies, poetry, music or maybe even a moment in life where something beautiful happens between 2 individuals. Whatever kindles these feelings, these are the moment where you are taken out of your everyday routine and make you feel alive again.

Whenever I have one of these exhilarating moments of clarity it makes me think “why doesn’t this happen more often or why doesn’t this feeling stick?” trust me I have tried more than a thousand times to make the feeling stick around, but it always manages to slip away. They can be gone for a fairly long amount of time, but the moment always comes around again where you feel more joyous than before and I think I know why it doesn’t happen as much as one would want. It’s just the way things work in our crazy mass of neurons firing back and forth. Say I was able to make this feeling of happiness stick around, my brain would eventually make it a normal process and it would not feel as amazing as it did when it first took place, it would start to bore and eventually fade away. so maybe the point is not for these feelings to stick around and we are just meant to feel them every now and again.

There is a point to this story and that’s the fact that we (A-Typicalizers) went to see “Leon Bridges” and “Andra Day” perform yesterday and what I tried to explain in the paragraphs above is exactly what happened during their shows. They’ve moved, inspired, cheered us up and for a split second changed our perspectives of looking at things. Now whether or not you’re a fan of Soul music, you can trust me when I say you don’t have to be to enjoy their performances.

Andra day was the supporting program, but was every bit as amazing as the main act. She has a voice most major A-class performers would be jealous of and she was the main reason I wrote what I wrote above. There was an amazing cover of Queen’s “I want it all” and a song (originally performed by Nina Simone) called “Mississippi Goddam” (if I remember correctly?) but what really moved me was when she sung her own single named “Rise up”. She held an introduction to the song by telling what her feelings were when she wrote it and in my opinion this gave more meaning to the song than it already has. If you do no yet know Andra Day check it out below and if you’re a fan of soul music that’s ever in the possibility to see Andra Day perform live. Do yourself a favor and buy those tickets.

After a short change of guard Leon Bridges began performing. Every song of his “Coming Home” album was heard and it even included some new material. Bridges is an amazing performer and I think there’s a fairly big chance the next time I’m going to watch him perform (which I absolutely am), ticket prices will be at least twice as expensive as they were this time. Even though internationally he is not yet as acknowledged as the great artist he is, that’s a matter of time, because his voice needs to be heard.
After swinging along to the sounds of “There she goes” and “Outa Line” or nodding my head to “Mississippi kisses” Leon took the guitar into his own hands, performed the ballad “River” and whilst performing, it became clear to me: He is a star in the rising. He’s only 26 years old and already has a voice that sounds like twice his age, which I mean as a compliment because there’s just so much color in it, that it reaches out and touches your Soul. Leon Bridges only broke through last year so there’s enough room for him to still grow and earn a well-deserved spot up there with the greats like Sam Cooke, which his style is actually very reminiscent of.

That’s where I think the difference lies in these amazing moments in your life. Some moments your brain just processes as normal and they take the everyday route through your network of neurons, but every once in a while there is a moment that surpasses this network and goes straight to your soul or whatever we like to call it. It’s almost a spiritual experience that sticks with you. I just hope inspiring evenings like yesterday don’t ever become part of the everyday route. I for one am looking forward to a lot more of these moments.

If your soul needs rekindling I would advise to take the time to listen to Leon Bridges and Andra Day, I promise you that you won’t regret it.

Soulfully Yours,


Image taken by A-Typical


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