Kids, this is the story about how you will probably never be born

Let me start this of by saying: the world is full of wonders, different kinds of cultures, a wide variety of beautiful nature to be seen and adventures awaiting to happen. I know I’m not the only one saying that I want to see as much of the world as one possibly can in a lifetime. There is however one major difference in me saying this and ‘probably’ eighty percent of the others who say this (just an estimated guess, not based on any kind of research). The difference lies in the fact that there’s a 0,0001% chance (never exclude anything I’ve been taught, hence the 0,0001) that I will ever want children of my own. For this there are a number of reasons, but the biggest reason is I simply don’t have the desire to.

When I’m having my “politically correct” conversation with the average acquaintance on a birthday party, wedding or some other festivity, sometimes the topic “having kids” makes its way into the conversation. When I then tell someone about my desire to not have kids, the reactions vary from “Haha I’ll talk to you in ten years” to “but having kids is the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to you”. Both reactions are probably true, but only from their points of view. Apparently we live in a world where it’s almost considered strange (A-Typical) to NOT want kids.

Looking at this from an evolutionary point of view this makes sense. It’s in our nature to procreate and this is what we’ve done for thousands of years, so we will keep doing this for many years to come. A downside to this procreating is that we now live in a world that has grown from less than 2 billion in 1900 to a world with almost 8 billion only 116 years later. Seeing as it took us 130.000 years since the first homo sapiens came into existence, that’s quite a short amount of time in which we “the human race” grew exponentially.

Now I’ve also read the other stories saying that the world (or so they say) can handle a lot more than it is handling today, but if we keep going at this rate I don’t think this will take as long as we might think. So I guess me NOT wanting kids is also my way of attributing to ‘at least’ slow down the massive growth in population on our small blue planet. If like me you’re interested in overpopulation and about what it might mean for us you might want to read this interesting article by Carl Safina

2 legitimate reasons to not want kids and even though I could go on for hours about why I don’t want kids, the last thing I want to say is this.


The picture shown above is unfortunately still very real. And this picture doesn’t only mean children in third world countries. There are children in our so-called developed Western civilizations who grow up in poverty. I don’t want to shock anyone with what I’m about to say, but I would love to see a world where we help the children who already are alive, before we selfishly add more people to an already immense population.

This all is probably just wishful thinking and I realize I’m not doing much more than giving organizations a monthly contribution to do what’s within their reach to help these children. But might “the average acquaintances” on the festivities ever be right and might that 0,0001 chance happen. I know the only child in my life will be the one out of that 5 who deserves the same chance at a beautiful life as the other 4.

I don’t wish to insult anyone or tell them not to have kids, because everyone is within their own right to do as they wish, but I just wanted to share my opinion on me (Selfishly) NOT wanting kids.

Childlessly yours,

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