A-Typical stepping up to the plate!

For quite a while we (A-Typicalizers) have been walking around with the idea: “start creating content in the world known as the “World Wide Web”. Our minds ran crazy with all kinds of ideas. Some were better than others, but in the end we agreed A-Typical has to happen. Not only because we want people to know who we are, but more importantly because we feel a drive we have something that contributes to the ever expanding world of content creation.

Being a blogger, vlogger or something else online, can be misinterpreted by some. In my environment I sometimes hear things like: “it’s just someone seeking attention they don’t get offline and so they try and seek it online.” Now this is not all BS, because of course people want attention, I mean don’t we all? But what is commonly missed is the beauty behind this massive online world of sharing thoughts, opinions, pictures and much more. We live in a world with billions of people and each and every individual wants to be unique in their own way. People who have an unstoppable drive to let their voices be heard just have an ever-growing range of possibilities to express themselves with. Whether these voices are heard or not completely depends on the content.

Sometimes I experience people taking a strong disliking in what some individuals are doing online and hey, it’s a free world, So if I were to say it’s not okay to say what they’re saying, I would be saying the exact same thing they are saying. However, I dislike the short mindedness behind the disliking. The internet is a reflection of the real world and it’s also where (in my opinion) you see the world is not yet as tolerant as we think it to be. There are “certain individuals” who, probably can’t stand the idea of someone actually trying to be unique, succeeding in this. Or perhaps don’t understand why some individuals are expressing themselves the way they are? Well let me tell you, tough luck for those people! Because after a few years of being on the world wide web, it’s safe to say the expressing isn’t going away. On the contrary I think it will keep growing the way it has over the last decade.

So what it comes down to; you either go with the flow or drown swimming against the stream, because the uniqueness the internet creates is here to stay. I just hope the positivity the “real world” often lacks finds its place online. I know there’s a flipside to that coin, so negativity can get its own dark little corner in the digital world.

Our plan is to create away and take an A-Typical part in this. Now whether we’ll be successful or not; we’ll at least never regret not having expressed ourselves and neither should you!

A-Typically yours,


Image made by A-Typical



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